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Unrivaled Excellence

Customer obsession is on of our core values and it has been proven by our clients. Our excellence has always been beyond our customers’ expectations.

As 2023 is the year of AI, it is time to boost your business growth with AI/ML solutions. Let us handle everything, your job is to focus on your business.

About us

AI-powered solutions, crafted for your competitive edge

Imagine soaring past your rivals. Imagine streamlining operations, unveiling hidden market trends, and predicting customer desires before they even whisper them. Forget one-size-fits-all AI. We don’t just sprinkle pixie dust; we delve deep into your unique business DNA, crafting bespoke AI solutions that fit like a glove and are expertly crafted by Essensift to give you the unfair advantage you never have before.

Our Expertise

AI/ML Innovations

Reduce costs, optimize operations, and unlock new revenue streams with AI. From Vision to NLP, anything you can imagine, we will build it for you.
So, you can have an AI product, right now! no PhD required.

Strategic Digital Transformation

From siloed to seamless. We are experts at IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture so we can orchestrate your digital symphony. Ensuring your business is future-proof is much better if you start now. We can help you to be more agile and thrive in the digital age.

Cloud Native App Development

Leave the server stage fright behind. Cloud-native development frees your app from rigid hardware, crafting experiences that adapt and evolve like the ever-changing sky. Build for the future at blazing-fast speed.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

While we can help startups achieve minimal operating costs so they can have a longer runway before profitable, we can also help big enterprises save thousands of dollars in operation costs. Optimization is a must for all companies, doesn’t matter how big is it.

Customer Experience Analysis

No more app ghost towns, we can help you build vibrant user communities. Improve tractions and referrals at the same time just because your customers are falling in love with the app.

Data Insights & Analytics

No data, no party. But if you only have data? So what?
We can help you understand your data, and find untapped opportunities that you never think they were exist, both in your current business or a new one.

Our Services

AI/ML Innovations

Not only focused on AI performance, but we also experienced designing human-centered intelligent systems. Thus, the user experience of your AI solution will be beyond your expectations. Luckily for you, we offer comprehensive end-to-end services for your AI/ML Innovations, including, but not limited to:

  • Consultation
  • Workshop and Training
  • Data Pipeline & Analytics
  • AI/ML Model Development
  • Scalability and Optimization
  • Full Scale Integration
  • Post-Development Support and Maintenance
Web and Mobile App Development

Our capabilities in building apps that delight our client’s customers have always been trusted and proven. It is time for you to be our next success story. Leave all the burden of app development to us, your job is to focus on your business. Comprehensive software development services are offered, including:

  • Consultation
  • Front-end Software Development
  • Back-end Software Development
  • User Experience Analysis and Redesign
  • Full-stack End-to-End Software Development
  • Post Development Support & Maintenance
Cloud Computing

Our experts hold professional certifications for major Cloud Computing vendors, such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are more than ready to assist you on your migration journey from on-premises to the cloud. No more big capital expenditure for the uncertain, it is time to enjoy a seamless, hassle-free, and agile IT development with the cost converted to day-to-day operation expenditure. We offer end-to-end services for Cloud Computing, encompasses:

  • Basic Setup & Onboarding
  • Cloud Computing Training
  • Cloud Computing Analysis & Migration Analysis
  • Security Implementation
  • Network Setup
  • Data Unification & Orchestration
  • Cloud Computing Full Architecture Design
  • Post Deployment and Maintenance

What Our Clients Say About Us

You Are in Good Hands

I’m happy and very satisfied with the result, it was astonishing work! It was my first time having a full-remote IT project and it was the best decision I ever made. The Essensift Team always provides exceptional and out-of-the-box solutions for our Digital Transformation journey. They can handle enormous complexities in my business and translate them into an intuitive & easy app for my diverse employees. Love it!

NadiaFounder and CEO, Kredibel-Finance

Collaborating with Essensift on the Pertamina project was a game-changer. The challenge was to develop a sophisticated AI model that could detect construction safety equipment like helmets, gloves, shoes, etc. Essensift’s team not only met this challenge but exceeded our expectations. Their solution, which combined edge computing and cloud technologies, revolutionized our approach to safety monitoring. The intuitive interface and seamless integration of their software made it incredibly user-friendly for our diverse workforce. Essensift’s dedication to excellence and innovation in AI technology has made a lasting impact on our construction safety protocols.


Bubu+ Vet is my vision, and the Essensift team could translate my dream vision into a “real app” at a super fast pace! iOS and Android App development is one of their expertise with a very high bar of excellence, far beyond my expectations.
Moreover, we can run the Bubu+ Vet business at a very minimal operating cost due to the amazing optimization made by the team. I don’t believe it could be possible if I hire other agencies.

RizkaFounder and CEO, Bubu+ Vet

The journey with Essensift in developing iShinora’s AI-driven software was nothing short of extraordinary. We witnessed firsthand the technical expertise and rapid execution capabilities of the Essensift team. Within a stringent three-month timeframe, they developed four end-to-end AI models, each tailored to our unique market needs. This accelerated development process was crucial for us to test the market effectively. The results were remarkable, leading to one of the models becoming a core product for iShinora. The team’s ability to deliver high-quality, innovative AI solutions under tight deadlines is a testament to their excellence in the field. Essensift has not only helped bring our vision to life but has also positioned us at the forefront of AI technology in our industry.

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