Technology for Fun Trip

We are digital startup which focused on developing technologies that help your trip easier and more enjoyable. we also provides digital services to meet your needs in web development, mobile application development and embedded systems.

Future traveling platform, for you who love travel.

Smart Traveling Gear

Strage is a new innovation based on Internet of Things which can help people finding a lost things, everywhere in the world!.

Our Services

We work to Helping Agencies deliver awesome digital solution.

Web Development

We will develop a good website to meet your needs and help solve your digital problem issues from personal websites to custom website with systems that require high technical ability in the making.

Embedded Systems Solution

With our experience we will give you a solution through your problem using embedded system and hardware product

Mobile Application Development

We will build a mobile application based on Android with a system that you needs and desires with optimal functionality, high quality but with the relatively affordable cost .

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